Bridal Styling

Selecting your wedding gown is a pivotal decision for any bride, but don't overlook the importance of co-ordinating your entire bridal party. Just as you wouldn't arrange a vase of flowers with clashing colours, the same principle applies to your wedding group, including the crucial ladies attending the ceremony— the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom.

Considering the colour palette of their outfits is essential. It's not just about ensuring they harmonise with the overall bridal party, but also that the chosen colours complement each lady individually. These important ladies deserve to feel confident about their appearance on this momentous day.

Your wedding day is a monumental occasion for both mothers, and their outfits should reflect that significance. Imagine the discomfort of having the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom clashing so severely that posing together in a photograph resembles a fruit cocktail! Co-ordinating with some of your bridal shades and selecting colours that enhance their beauty can ensure they look stunning individually and as part of the group.

Even the simplest weddings involve considerable expense, but the memories captured in photographs last a lifetime. That's why it's imperative that your entire bridal party, including the mothers, look and feel their absolute best. Ensure that every image reflects the joy and beauty of your special day.

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Bringing a unique touch to the world of weddings!  Sue Burton is also an experienced Celebrant & Wedding Stylist delivering marriage ceremonies. More details HERE  Read newspaper article HERE when sometimes there's an integration of both roles- seeing the wedding through from beginning to end!

Sue's daughter, Charlotte, follows in the wedding industry by launching her own bridal boutiqueChoosing a dress that you've always dreamed of can be a daunting task for brides… where to start? what style to wear?  Which shade of white?  If you'd like a unique and personal bridal experience to select your most flattering wedding gown, choose CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH BRIDAL an exquisite bridal boutique in the Peak District supplying luxurious designer gowns & 2024 Winner of BEST BRIDAL  STORE in the UK 

On the most important day of your life ensure that you look as good as you feel… walk up the aisle in style!

It’s your day to feel like a Queen, so you deserve your own Lady in Waiting.  Why not take the stress away on your wedding day and allow Charlotte to be your personal bridal stylist!  Allow everyone in the bridal party to truly enjoy the process of getting ready for your wedding day and hand the responsibility of dressing a bride to a bridal expert. Bridal Dressing can be provided for brides who purchase a gown from 'Charlotte Elizabeth Bridal'