How to Dress your Body Shape

Are you wearing perfect styles to complement your body shape and proportions?

We all have our little quirks when it comes to our bodies—areas we'd like to tweak or enhance. Dressing well and looking good isn't about size, it's about shape. The secret to achieving that elusive well-balanced look lies in understanding how to dress each part of our body to perfection. We're all wonderfully diverse, coming in various shapes, sizes, and dimensions. Your body might be straight, curved, or a captivating blend of both. Whether you're an hourglass, a round, or a pear shape, it's crucial to recognize that the right style choices can either accentuate your assets or highlight your figure's beauty.

A Style Consultation will provide you with a personalised Style Directory, a straightforward guide to embracing, enhancing, and adoring the body you've got. Discover which garments and fabrics will enhance your beauty, and gain insights into scale, proportion, and posture for a balanced look. .

Best of all, you will be inspired and transformed – not just for a season, but for the rest of your life.  To gain the best results when shopping you will need to know both the styles that suit you as well as the colours that suit you.  After all, a great style in a bad colour is not a good purchase, nor is a great colour in a bad style.

A personalised Style Directory is individually compiled for each client following a consultation.  This incorporates useful wardrobe guidance in all aspects of personal dress sense together with illustrations of clothing styles, necklines, skirts, jackets, coats, trousers, swimwear, etc. which are the most flattering. Also included within the guide will be advice on choosing spectacle frames; accessories; hairstyles; hats, etc; and even how to wear scarves and sarongsThe Style Directory can easily be saved to your smartphone and is very handy to use with your fabric palette of colours when shopping for clothes.  If necessary, the Style Directory can be printed and displayed in a handy A5 sized booklet (as shown in the photo).

A Style Consultation can be combined with a Colour Consultation Refer to Fees for personalised/shared consultations

OR undertaken at a later date ONLINE from the comfort of your own home (Book HERE)

Feedback: “...I’ve just received my Style Directory and can’t put it down – such a detailed book about ME and my figure problems – so easy to understand how to overcome future mistakes…I now feel very glamorous when dressed for work. The colour analysis was amazing but the style analysis has helped a big girl like me look and feel really elegant!...” Carole