Keeping Cool 

& Looking Stylish

Are you dressed appropriately for the summer heat?

Cool & Light  Darker coloured clothing, especially black, absorbs the heat so try wearing lighter shades wherever possible to reflect the heat. If your colouring is quite deep, wearing lighter colours can be particularly tricky but you could add contrast in the form of a pattern or accessory to ensure the lighter shades you wear don’t wash you out.

Cooler Fabrics  Linen, cotton and jersey are natural, breathable fabrics and therefore great options for keeping cool. If you love denim, chambray is a great alternative as it looks similar but is much lighter in weight. These fabrics will not constrain your body or cause you to perspire in the heat.  Man-made fabrics, such as polyester, may look attractive but they are not breathable materials; will cause excess perspiration; and will retain body odours. Garment labels indicate fabric content, or refer to an online description of the product. Otherwise, feel the texture: if it's soft and light it'll serve you better than something synthetic in feel, which will stick to your body uncomfortably in the heat.

Loose & Floaty  Tightly fitted clothing will constrain your body as you move around. Wearing a loosely fitted garment will keep you cooler as this creates a layer of air between your skin and clothing. If loose and floaty is not your most flattering option, try to customise the look – a loosely tied belt around a tunic will nip in your waist for example. However, for ladies with oval body shapes now is the time to embrace those gorgeous flowing fabrics.  A maxi dress is also perfect in hot weather – it will cover your legs but still look summery.  Maxi dresses are good for formal events too when paired with heels.  If you are looking for something more casual (and have great pair of legs!) opt for a mini dress to keep cooler.


Shade A stylish sunhat is a perfect way to add a touch of glamour whilst also shielding you from harmful UV rays. Brimmed hats are great as they protect your face from the sun and keep your body cool in the heat. Look for hats made of cotton or woven materials which are breathable and ensure your head doesn’t get too hot!  Try adding a touch of style to a straw hat by using a thin scarf to co-ordinate with your beachwear/sundress: Wrap an oblong, bias, or square scarf folded into an oblong, around the brim of a hat and secure with a square knot at the back. Baseball hats are great for a sporty-look and ideal for staying cool in hot weather.


Sunspecs Squinting is never a good look so invest in a pair of sunglasses that flatter your face shape and protect your eyes from the glare of the sun.  Look for sunglasses with UV protection and styles which do not repeat your face shape:  so if you have a rounder face a more angular style will work best, whereas a long or square face shapes are better suited to frames with softer, rounded edges.