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What is Colour Analysis?

A professional colour analysis will unveil a world of transformation... Discover a range of colours which are perfect for your natural colouring and learn how to wear shades in more interesting and flattering combinations. 

Every individual possesses a unique colour palette that can be beautifully expressed within a set of distinct categories. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting seasons of nature, these metaphors are used to help you unlock your personal colour journey and identify the shades that truly enhance your natural beauty.  This comprehensive system embraces diversity and applies to individuals of all races.

Each category has its own exclusive colour palette, and a colour analysis consultation will reveal the one that perfectly complements your unique features. You'll witness the magic unfold as various coloured fabric drapes are compared to help you visualise your best colour choices.

But guidance doesn't stop there... you'll discover invaluable insights on how to effortlessly create a wardrobe of clothes and accessories that harmonise perfectly to create a maximum number of outfits from a minimum amount of garments. This will demonstrate how to combine colours to achieve stunning, eye-catching results. It's all about creating a texture-rich, colour-co-ordinated wardrobe where shades harmonise and complement, ensuring you always exude confidence and look your best.

Advice will also be provided on the most flattering hair colours, cosmetic shades, jewellery selections, and accessories to complete your look. With this guidance, you'll be well on your way to unlocking your full style potential and expressing your unique beauty in the most captivating way.

Being analysed objectively is also a terrific ego trip.  Have you ever looked at yourself closely? You may be aware of the bits you’ve grown up believing are ‘good points’ and ‘bad points’, but have you ever looked beyond that?  When you're draped with fabrics in various colours you'll be able to SEE how different shades affect your complexion. The right colours will make your skin appear clearer, brighter, and healthier, while the wrong colours can make you appear washed out or tired. 

The great news is, your colour palette remains a constant companion. Your unique skintone is a gift from your genetic makeup, an eternal attribute that stays with you.  Each colour palette is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, designed to embrace your evolving beauty over the years and is carefully compiled to ensure it's broad enough to contain your best colours for a lifetime.

colour analysis colour studio

Studio Consultations 

Colour Studio within easy reach of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire.  

Personalised or Shared Consultations available by appointment daytime/weekends. Refer to Consultation Fees

Experiences are so much better shared so why not share the experience with a friend/colleague? 

Colours you love, don't always love you! SEE VIDEO below where a group of friends embark on a colourful journey, discovering that their favourite shades may not be the most flattering. Sharing experiences like this can be so much fun - they even swap clothes and accessories with friends who suit entirely different colours. A fabulous way to refresh your style!

Review from a group of ladies sharing the expereince for girlie day: …”What a revelation!  Really enjoyable afternoon – we have learned so much and are looking forward to putting the advice into practise…”  A fabulous time & better than going to a health farm!   Well worth the money..."  Sophie (Harrogate), Fiona (Barnsley), Louise (Bradford) & Charlotte (Brighouse)

How to Book a Studio Colour Analysis

Please CONTACT US  indicating the type of consultation you'd like and request a list of current available appointment datesLooking for a completely new image?  Combine the Colour and Style Consultations together and opt for a Complete Image Consultation 

Whilst a personalised consultation would always be the best option,  VIRTUAL ONLINE CONSULTATIONS  are a suitable alternative. This is ideal for clients living further afield and even around the globe!  So, if you are unable to attend a Studio Consultation why not step into the studio without leaving your own home! 

Already know your colours? “Refresher Consultations” can be arranged for ladies who feel they may require some ‘fine-tuning’ or an updated approach to their existing colour co-ordination techniques (further details upon request).