Colour  Analysis 

How to look your best ... Discover a range of colours which are perfect for your natural colouring and learn how to wear shades in more interesting and flattering combinations. Advice on how to create a truly integrated wardrobe - create the maximum number of outfits from a minimum number of garments!  

How the colour analysis philosophy works is that each individual has colouring that falls roughly within the spectrum of one of four categories.  The concept uses names of the seasons of nature as a way of describing a person’s individual colouring and the shades that are the most flattering.  During the consultation, clients are analysed as having the cool tones of winter or summer,  or the warm tones of autumn and spring.  The system works on all races.  Each season’s palette contains its own group of colours and every person’s colouring is in harmony with one of them.  Clients are individually colour analysed and shown exactly which colours work successfully for them by comparing several different coloured fabric drapes. They are given lots of tips on how easy it can be to create a colour co-ordinated wardrobe of clothes and accessories and how to combine colours to create stunning results.    It’s all about texture and co-ordination, with colours that easily mix and match, making sure you’ll always look and feel your best.  Advice on the most complimentary hair colouring, cosmetic shades, jewellery and accessories will also be discussed. 

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“Refresher Consultations” are also available for ladies who feel they may require some ‘fine-tuning’ or an updated approach to their existing colour co-ordination techniques (further details upon request).


Wearing the right colours can boost self-esteem, give added confidence and improve your general well being. Being analysed objectively is also a terrific ego trip.  Have you ever looked at yourself closely? You may be aware of the bits you’ve grown up believing are ‘good points’ and ‘bad points’, but have you ever looked beyond that?  A professional colour analysis will demonstrate how your appearance alters when dressed in different shades.  

Colour Analysis lasts a lifetime! Wondering if your season type will change as you mature with age? Skintone is determined by genetics, and your skintone, whether warm or cool, bright or soft, is something you are born with and will carry through your life. As we age, hair might go grey, and the natural contrast level in eyes, lips, skin and hair begins to decrease. Even with the changes in skin, hair and eyes as we age, each seasonal palette is carefully compiled and to ensure it's broad enough to contain your best colours for a lifetime.



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Whilst a personalised consultation would always be the best option,  VIRTUAL ONLINE CONSULTATIONS  are a suitable alternative. This is ideal for clients living further afield and even around the globe!  So, if you are unable to attend a Studio Consultation why not step into the studio without leaving your own home!