Once you've discovered your true colours you will find yourself being showered with compliments - this is perfectly normal when you're wearing the right colours.  Smile and pat yourself on the back - you can be confident that wearing your true colours will make you look and feel your absolute best! 

Autumn ladies look stunning in warm, rich, spicy colours as well as earthy, muted tones.  Opt for colours with a rich quality, even in the lighter shades.  Avoid all blue-based pinks, fuchsias, blue-pinks, silvery greys, black and pure white.  The Autumn palette is warm-toned, which means every colour has a yellow undertone. Your colours also have a certain depth to them - think of your yellow undertone being a rich antique gold undertone rather than bright lemon yellow. You have coral rather than pink, mustard rather than lemon, deep teal rather than cornflower blue. Before you start out, it’s worth mentioning that when you’re looking for clothes in your colours, you don’t need an exact match for your palette. Look for colours which harmonise with your entire palette – a similar level of warmth, brightness and depth – rather than matching precisely. 

Every palette cycles in and out of fashion (Autumns have the easiest time during September/October), but there are shades in every palette that will feel modern and those that will feel dated at any time. Aside from the browns, much of the Autumn palette is always very current, with mustards, teals, rusts and the lighter coral shades making a huge statement in the fashion world. 

Beginning with a print rather than big blocks of colour can be a less intimidating way of getting going with wearing a more than one bright colour at a time. But what if you’re looking at a print and some of the colours aren’t in your palette? As a rule of thumb, as long as at least half of the print is within your palette, it will be ok, but might not be an absolute wow – if the style is perfect, and you love it though, half is plenty. Once you get over two thirds of the print falling within your palette, no one will even notice the ‘wrong’ colours, as the whole look will tie together. As an Autumn though, it will look best if you try to avoid the most jarring colours for your palette in prints – black, mauve pinks and fuchsia tones can all stand out and detract from a pulled together look, whereas a splash of a grey that’s a bit too cool or a yellow that’s a bit too lemony isn’t going to detract from a great print.Of course, you will always feel confident with Kettlewell’s* prints, all of which have been carefully selected to fit entirely with your palette.

Accessories are your friend. They can add another layer of texture and colour, to bring that lovely Autumn glow to your skin tone. Statement necklaces and scarves (see Shop Online for scarves carefully selected for your season type) can be a great way of incorporating your wow colours into your outfit near your face.

It’s important not to get so fixated on the colour of a garment that you forget to look beyond that. Does it fit well? Does it reflect your personal style? Don’t compromise these things in your excitement at finally finding something in the elusive shade of heliotrope you’ve been hunting for. The aim of colour analysis is to add the power of colour into your own unique personal style, not turn you into a colour clone!

If you only want your face to look good, your eyes to sparkle and your skin to glow, then by all means worry only about your t-shirts, scarves, jumpers, dresses, jackets… But if you want to maximise the other amazing benefit of colour analysis – that of a wardrobe where everything goes, and makes you look effortlessly put together without trying – you’ll need to make the leap and start to move your entire wardrobe over to one that sits fully within your palette. If that sounds a little daunting, just think how wonderful it would be to pull out a top and a bottom and know that they will look great together, or to be able to mix and match your clothes for a completely new look without having to face that ‘ugh’ moment when that moss green boxy top looks unflattering next to black trousers. Just gradually replace clothes with better colours as they wear out.

1   Note your neutrals (swatches marked 'N' in your season palette)– start to switch your basic items over to these colours

 2   Add a splash – however you do it, get into the habit of adding a splash of colour to your outfit (swatches marked 'B' in your palette)

 3   Don’t fear lipstick! A pretty lisptick will add a little brightness and polish (see details regardings cosmetics HERE)

 4   Prints – experiment with prints if single blocks of colour feel too much

Spectacles If you are a spectacle wearer, please remember to choose frames in warm metals i.e. gold, copper, brass etc. or a plastic frame in a neutral colour from your palette e.g. brown tortoiseshell

Hair Colouring Considering changing your hair colour? Refer to your season palette for guidance. Try a free virtual makeover for guidance HERE and instantly explore new hair colours!

Your new image will be a gradual process and you will probably have some "wrong" colours in your wardrobe. For example, wearing black too close to your face can actually make you look washed out and do very little to brighten your tone. A way to overcome this challenge is by wearing a garment in one of your most flattering colours nearer to your face, or selecting a piece such as a bright scarf or necklace to bring the right look closer to your face. Another tip is to replace black/silver buttons with something more appropriate e.g. gold buttons. Invest in some interesting buttons as they can be recycled over again on a variety of garments. Clothing does wear out over time, but buttons are inexpensive to buy and will last for years and years!

A scarf is the most versatile fashion accessory in your wardrobe, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to any outfit. They form a vital part of your wardrobe - they are your means of bringing the right colour to your face while you are phasing the wrong colours out of your wardrobe.

Visit the COLOUR SHOP for scarves/sarongs carefully chosen to harmonise with your seasonal colours. Perfect gift ideas for your colour co-ordinated friends! To make shopping easier, all the scarves are grouped by season category so you can select colours with confidence and combine them effortlessly. 

See also list of other recommended online suppliers: DETAILS HERE

Style Consultation

Dressing well and looking good isn't about size, it's about shape. The 'ideal' body shape is evenly proportioned, and this is what we try to emulate when dressing our own body by choosing the right styles, cuts, fabrics and colours to suit us. A style consultation will take you through the various aspects of your image to help you determine the best top to toe style choices for you.

If you have opted for a Style Consultation, you will receive a personalised Style Directory, which is a simple guide to understanding, working with and appreciating the figure you have. Learn which clothes and fabrics will flatter you; and understand scale, proportion posture for a balanced look. Style Directory can be stored digitally on your device/mobile phone (or printed in a booklet format) and is an essential reference guide when shopping for clothes.

Remember how you feel when you know you look good? Getting to know your colours and styles will ensure that you keep that feeling all day, every day. To gain the best results when shopping you will need to know both the styles that suit you as well as the colours that suit you. After all, a great style in a bad colour is not a good purchase nor is a great colour in a bad style.