How to Wear Animal Print

There’s something mysterious and magical about animal print clothing.  This imitation design print has maintained popularity for many decades and pays homage to one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, the leopard.


Animal hides were a form of clothing for prehistoric humans. Later, animal hides became part of tribal culture in Africa. Wearing these items of clothing became a sign of wealth and power, and also gave the person wearing them a sense of protection. Kings and queens in faraway countries began to own animal print rugs to show off their social status. Later, animal prints mimicking the leopard, zebra, and cheetah would soon become items of fashion in the Western world.


Leopard print has silently remained every woman's secret wardrobe weapon for quite some time. It suggests a woman is extremely confident of who she is and her sensuality.  Best of all, when worn confidently and in the right way, this style of clothing looks good on women of absolutely any age.

Leopard print can be designed in many different colours. A leopard might not change its spots, but your leopard print can be any imaginable colour you want it to be. When it comes to style though, don’t overdo it! It is probably best to wear one item at a time. The key here is certainly a balance.  Don’t mix two different animal prints.  Stick with one print per outfit. You don’t want to look like you are wearing an entire jungle.


There are many different sizes of leopard print and if you choose the wrong one it can have a big impact on your overall look. The taller/grander you are, the larger the print you can wear - something small and delicate will be far too ‘busy’ on you. Conversely, if you’re petite, avoid the large, bolder prints as these will overwhelm you. It’s all about keeping prints relative to your size; the bigger you are, the bigger the print you can wear.


Avoid leopard print clothing that is fussy, frilly, sparkly, shiny, teenage-trendy, or skimpy.  Stay sleek like the animal itself.  Leopard prints should be worn with solid colours, so the print is the main focus. Don’t wear leopard prints with other patterns.


Leopard print is a strong focal point, so you don’t need to over-complicate your look by wearing heavy or glitzy accessories. Take a look in the mirror and make sure your accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets and belts and shoes complement your leopard print, not compete for attention.


Leopard prints will grab attention, which means that a print worn over the largest part of your body will emphasise that area.  For example, if you are bottom-heavy, don’t wear a leopard print skirt. Try wearing a leopard print top with skirt or trousers in a dark, solid colour to visually shrink your lower half.  The reverse is true if you are large busted. In this case, wear the dark colour on the upper torso and the leopard print on the lower torso.  

Leopard prints can be fun, so long as you follow the laws of the jungle! An easy way to start is with a leopard print accessory such as a scarf, bracelet, or handbag. There's always animal print scarves available at the online COLOUR SHOP!