Choosing Jewellery


Gold or Silver Jewellery?


Affordability has often been a decision-maker in the choice of gold or silver jewellery.  However, it’s far more important to buy a piece of jewellery in a metal that suits your individual skin tone. Just as cosmetics and clothes enhance your appearance, metal colours can enhance or detract certain undertones in your skin. 

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If you’re unsure of your individual colouring, try comparing a set of gold jewellery and a set of silver jewellery. Gold jewellery can make someone with a cool undertone appear extremely pale and unhealthy, whereas silver jewellery on warm undertones will look less attractive. Having dark skin doesn’t necessarily mean you have warm undertones, which is a common mistake people often make.  Some people with dark complexions have cool blue undertones and find platinum and white gold look beautiful on their complexion.

Cool Skin Tone


If you fall in the cool category, white metals of platinum, white gold, and silver will look best.  The icy tone of these metals will complement the blue undertones of your skin and can have a lovely brightening effect on your complexion. Colourless diamonds look amazing on cool skin and work well with platinum and white gold, which keep the diamond bright and icy.  If you prefer coloured gemstones, consider amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, garnet, opal, sapphire, or moonstone.



Warm Skin Tone


If your skin tone falls in the warm category, then opt for yellow gold or rose gold for greatest visual effect.  These golden hues complement the golden tones of warm skin.  Colourless diamonds contrast beautifully with the warm tones of yellow gold and rose gold. Coloured gemstones that suit warm skin tones include rubies and emeralds, topaz, tiger’s eye, cornelian (orange/red), chrysolite (olive green).


Rose Gold


Rose gold is a beautiful alternative that's feminine with a modern twist and looks gorgeous on warmer skin tones.  However, avoid this if you have a pinkish tint to your skin.  The pink tones of rose gold can draw out the purplish undertones of cool skin or make you look a little washed out.  If you have cool skin with bluey-pink undertones, then rose gold can leave you looking a little red. 


Silver & White Gold


For those with sensitive skin, not all metals are suitable. Gold has been known to irritate some people with sensitive skin. Silver is naturally hypoallergenic, making it perfect for wearers with metal allergies. Silver and white gold may appear to have a similar hue, but silver has a greyish-white hue, whereas white gold has a distinctly white shade.  Both metals are hypoallergenic on their own, but other metal alloys can instigate allergic reactions for some people with sensitive skin. Sterling silver is a reactive metal which can react with certain chemicals in the environment, which may cause it to tarnish.


Engagement Rings


Diamond engagement rings are typically made in 18k gold or platinum - some of the Earth’s most durable and precious metals. Silver is not suitable for special jewellery like an engagement ring because it is a soft metal that can easily bend out of shape. When it comes to something as personal as an engagement ring, you might find it useful to learn which metal best suits your skin tone.  If you’re unsure, try looking at least one platinum or white gold engagement ring, one yellow gold ring and one rose gold ring.  Compare how these look in different lights and take a few photos to refer to before making your choice.