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Step into the Colour Studio (virtually) from anywhere in the world!

Discover your true colours & perfect styles with an instant result and personalised guidance to begin your shopping journey!   The SAME result as a studio consultation but at a discounted price! Ideal for clients of all nationalities living further afield and even around the globe!    

Once you have requested a virtual consultation, you'll receive very detailed instructions and a step-by-step guide how to submit specific photographs for your personal COLOUR ANALYSIS and/or STYLE ANALYSIS. This is a simple process using the camera facility on your mobile phone and sending appropriate images by email. Your colouring will be analysed personally by Sue Burton (not by computer software) using a series of unique colour calibration techniques.  Standby for an exciting result - usually the very same day!  Your colour palette will be sent immediately in a digital format which can be saved to your smartphone/device, together with a wardrobe planning guide and lots fo usueful information.  Your FABRIC PALETTE OF SWATCHES will be sent by post Be prepared to look at the contents of your wardrobe in an entirely different way!  

Continued support as you begin your colourful journey... 

Ladies, once you've received your colour palette and had the opportunity to sort out your wardrobe, you're able to request a personal Zoom appointment (free of charge). This is almost as good as being in the studio!   During the session you'll be shown how to combine colours from your palette and raise any queries.   Arrangements can also be made for further Zoom appointments to provide advice on a specific outfit at any stage in the future.  However,  should you have any questions/queries regarding your colour palette, Sue will always be available to answer these by email at any time in the future.

Advantage of a Zoom follow-up're able to show contents of your wardrobe and receive specific advice!

You might wonder how can it be done virtually?  This really does come down to expertise.... Sue has over 30 years experience working with colours & textiles and has assessed thousands of ladies & gentlemen over the years so she can confidently extend her colour and style expertise through this unique virtual facility. 


..."I'd had my colours analysed years ago but I'd changed, my hair colour had changed, I was older and something didn't feel right. So I approached Sue during lockdown to look at my colours online. Yes... online. I was sceptical at first but I soon realised that this was so much more than a colour consultation. Sue expertly analysed my colours. You see, I'd reverted back into that black wardrobe, when it's not really my colour at all. Now I know what my colours are, how to make the most of them and accessorise. So now when I make a new purchase, my colour swatch is at hand to ensure that the colours in my wardrobe enhance and make the best of how I look. Thank you Sue..." Sandra Garlick MBE

..."Sue’s passion and enthusiasm are infectious! If anyone doubts the validity of a virtual consultation, don’t! You will get objective and well thought through results backed up with colour swatches and a printable style guide. The zoom debrief includes a video presentation on your season’s colours and how to work with them, plus a discussion with Sue on the specifics. I came to this many years after having my colours done, aware that things had changed but not quite sure how to adapt. Thanks to Sue’s expertise I can see clearly what alterations I need to make to my wardrobe and feel confident that my instincts were largely correct. I know I have someone I can turn to on this next stage of my style journey..." Carol Mealing

.."After deciding I couldn’t wait any longer to get my colours done I decided to use a consultant that would do it via selfies and although I had many reservations using this method I needn’t have worried as I am over the moon with my results. I also decided to get my personal style done as there wasn’t much use knowing my colours but not my style. I was amazed at the amount of advice given in my style file and I have just placed an order from Kettlewell Colours, it was such a joy knowing what styles and colours to order and I can’t wait for the parcel to arrive, so pleased I went ahead with the consultation...” Chris Coe"

...Sue, Your colour analysis was a revelation. Now I am sitting in my pastel pink top with a big smile on my face ... You have brought me joy. You have cheered me up no end, your quick response and now allowing me to wear the colours that I love..."  Janet Collett, Enfield

…”That is fantastic ! So informative! I feel I have lost my way a lot recently with colour and have made a couple of ill-judged purchases from Kettlewell so am delighted with this new info!...”  Kirsty Carr,

…”Words can't describe how excited I am about consulting with you!  "First, thank you so much for accomplishing my consultation this quickly - I am thrilled! And I appreciate your taking time to identify cornflower blues and dusty pinks as best colours for me. This is what I wanted most of all. I have 0% talent with color and will take your advice to heart immediately! Thank you again! And if you ever find yourself traveling to New York City or southwestern Connecticut USA, our guest room is always open for you!..." Susan Baker, USA

..."I ordered it at around 9am and within a couple of hours received an email with instructions for a series of photographs that she required.  Hubby took the pics and I emailed them to Sue around lunchtime. That evening I received another email with her conclusions (I’m a Summer), lots of advice and several links to helpful sites. Two days later I received my colour swatches through the post. I’ve had fun going through my wardrobe sorting it out AND I’ve ordered a few tops and scarves from Kettlewell and Sue. It’s funny that the clothes I always felt best in, but didn’t really know why, are the ones that made the cut. So, in conclusion, I’d say that having little confidence in myself, I’m very glad I had it done and I’m delighted with the result..." Fiona Newsome, West Yorkshire 

..."I had my colours analysed 30 years ago but decided to get them done again. As I’m limited in face to face consultations in Northern Ireland I decided to contact Sue Burton for an online consultation. I’m so glad I did. From contacting her initially to getting my final analysis it took less than 24 hours. Very efficient service. I’m looking forward to getting my new swatches. I would be very happy to recommend Sue..." Gillian McCallion, Northern Ireland

If you're ready to go ahead... 

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