Cosmetics are part of your total look - be sure to complement your wardrobe with appropriate colours. Once you know your season category, selecting cosmetics is so much easier and your cosmetics will harmonise beautifully with ALL the garments you wear. General Guidance for Season Types:

Eye Colours

Winter/Summer Ladies: 

Try: Off-white, Grey, Charcoal, Silver, Smoked Plum or Smoked Navy shades 

Avoid: Gold, Brown

Autumn/Spring Ladies:

Try: Cream, Soft Brown, Coffee, Gold shades

Avoid: Grey tones


Winter/Summer Ladies: Pink-based blushers

Autumn/Spring Ladies: Peach-based blushers


Your lip colour will stay in place if you first exfoliate your lips, moisturize them deeply, and use a lip liner.

Winter/Summer Ladies:  

Try: Blue-based pinks, Blue-red. Avoid: Corals, Terracotta, Orange-reds 

Dark colours: Deep plum will accentuate skin tone and create a dramatic look.

Bright colours: Any shade of pink e.g. magenta or raspberry will make your lips pop and your teeth whiter 

Nude colours: Nude pink two shades darker than your natural lip colour.

Alternatively, opt for a light pink gloss that will also help keep lips hydrated.

Autumn/Spring Ladies: 

Try: Corals, Terracotta, Orange-reds. Avoid: Blue-based Pinks, Blue-red 

Dark colours: Deep terracotta will accentuate skin tone and create a dramatic look. 

Bright colours: Any shade of coral will make your lips pop and your teeth whiter.

Nude colours: Two shades darker than your natural lip colour. 

Alternatively, opt for a light peach gloss that will also help keep lips hydrated. 

Introducing Colour & Style's 'Colour Crew'...

Jayne Hall & Deb Leonard are very familiar with colour analysis and the season groups. They understand your colour analysis and can help you choose appropriate shades of cosmetics. Both ladies have been “in your shoes” and experienced a colour analysis, so fully understand the importance of wearing the right colour clothing as well as the right colour cosmetics.  

Jayne Hall is a SPRING lady, based in Doncaster, and Deb Leonard is a WINTER lady, based in Sheffield. Both ladies can offer in-person advice, via Zoom, or telephone, to help you choose cosmetic shades appropriate for your season type and supply by post.  See how you can create a customisable cosmetic palette with a variety of combinations to create a personalised make-up look to refill and re-use forever!

Please feel free to make contact – these ladies are more than happy to help you!  

Jayne is an experiencedctherapist offering bespoke facials using vegan friendly, organic products by Tropic. Enjoy a mini facial with a consultation & make up application at her therapy room in Doncaster. Jayne also provides a variety of relaxing treatments to help you unwind, feel calm and re-balanced. See HOLISTIC HARMONY Contact Jayne 07764 946 004 

Deb provides bespoke complimentary make-overs with certified organic and clinically proven skincare. Enjoy a Tropic pamper experience to learn how to apply the best suited products so you look your best and feel amazing. All in the comfort of your own home or visit Deb in Sheffield. Facebook Page: 'Deborah Leonard Tropic' Contact: Deb 07932 622 158