Sparkly Partywear

There's nothing like glittering sequins, sparkling diamantes and shiny precious metals to give you instant glamour and brighten your spirits through the winter nights.  The party season is fast approaching so it’s SEQUINS of course! “Sequin” originated from the Arabic word sikka, meaning “coin,” later becoming the Venetian word zecchino. In the late 16th century, it morphed into the French word ‘sequin’ as we know today.  In 1922, archaeologists opened the tomb of Egyptian pharoah Tutankhamun, revealing splendid garments embellished in gold metal discs. Western fashion later reflected the dazzling artifacts in King Tut’s tomb and 1920’s Flappers’ dresses were often embellished with hundreds of metal sequins.


Christmas Party Dresses fall in to a number of categories: 50’s and 60’s retro style for those who love to look lady like; 70’s Disco Queen for those who want to sparkle; minimalist for those who love that understated look; and of course, not forgetting the Little Black Dress. 

The Little Black Dress is hard to resist, but is it really flattering?  Discover YOUR colours before choosing your party dress! More details HERE

For decades the LBD has been the failsafe garment of choice for women everywhere.  It's simple, slimming, chic and above all a 'safe bet' - but the colour black does not flatter most people.  The majority of British women will not look young and healthy with black worn close to their faces. In fact, it can be dramatically ageing.  Many women have relied on their trusty LBD for years, but before you buy the new black dress, here’s a useful tip to tell if black really suits you:

Hold black up against your face, stand in front of the mirror and look for dark lines under the chin, shadows around the eyes or lines on the face that are highlighted.  If there are no dark areas or shadows, you can probably wear black close to your face and look great.  Another sign that black suits you is if you have dark "crypts" or "spokes" in the iris of your eyes.  Those who fit into that category will be able to wear their LBD to their hearts' content, but the rest of you take care!

Black is a highly controversial subject.  It gives the illusion of making women look slimmer. Designers will have us believe that it's THE colour of this season and you mustn't be seen in anything else - particularly with the party season approaching the LBD will once again dominate the scene. But finding a dress in YOUR right colour is the most flattering thing you could do for yourself this season.

The Christmas party season is perfect for a dazzling dress and a great alternative to black. If a sparkly dress is not for you then you could try interesting accessories which are the easiest way to add sparkle to winter outfits whether for daytime or evening.  Attractive accessories can really set off a very simple outfit. The sequin clutch bag is still a popular choice for Christmas and there are lots more new designs to enjoy at this time of year.