How to Wear Metallics

Perhaps the idea of metallic footwear appears quite glamorous, or such bold footwear seems a little daunting? While metallic shiny shoes may look intimidating at first glance, you can easily wear metallics during the day. Metallic ballet pumps, loafers, etc. are all great options for day wear. You could even wear a pair of metallic trainers with a casual outfit. Metallic footwear is one of the easiest ways to introduce something extra special into your outfit and they’re very trendy and extremely popular as we approach the party season. 



The traditional silver, pewter, bronze, and gold metallics are plentiful but coloured metallics are also available. Traditional metallic finishes are a great neutral as they work with more outfits and colours than you might realise, whereas coloured metallics are best worn with a toned down or complementary colour palette.  If you don't know what colour shoes or handbag to co-ordinate with an outfit, go metallic as it's rarely ever wrong!  


The decision to choose gold or silver metallic shoes typically depends on personal preference and the shades you choose to wear.  Generally, the cooler colours look good with silver metallic shoes and warmer colours look better with gold metallic.  Golden tones harmonise very well with warm neutrals, such as tan, camel and olive and add the perfect finishing touch.  Silver shoes work extremely well with black and white. Surprisingly versatile, a pair of gold or silver metallic shoes is a wardrobe must-have at any time of year.

Wondering whether you should accessorize with gold or silver metallics? Your colour analysis will help you! See more details HERE


Metallics are season-less. Unlike some shoes that are meant for a specific time of the year, metallic footwear is season-less. Metallics can be worn with your current winter wardrobe now and will easily transition into your spring/summer wardrobe. 



When looking at how to wear metallic shoes, consider the texture. Cracked or distressed metallic finishes can be a more toned-down alternative to high-gloss, chrome-type finishes. If you’re feeling in the party-mood, opt for a sparkly sequined pair of heels! 



Are you wondering what to wear with glossy shoes? But there are plenty of ways to style your metallic footwear. As a general guideline, the more ‘metallic’ your shoes are, the simpler the rest of your outfit should be. For example, busy prints look great with slim, strappy shoes while a complete block of metallic in footwear is best worn with a more minimal outfit.  Metallic or embellished shoes can add texture and further dimension to any outfit, regardless of the occasion.  If a full metallic shoe is still too dramatic for you to wear, why not consider a style with metallic accents. Some of the more popular designs this season include shoes with metallic trimmed heels, chunky chain details, shimmering threads of metallic embroidery, etc.



Metallic leathers are sensitive to solvents and alcohol such as perfume which could damage the metallic finish.  It’s also a good idea to use a waterproofing spray on metallic shoes to help prevent water-based stains, but ensure the spray is suitable for metallic leathers – a water-based product with no alcohol or solvents.  To clean metallic footwear, gently wipe them with a soft damp cloth but be gentle so as not to damage the surface. 


Why not try to spruce up your wardrobe with a sparkly look during the party season? You don't have to change the actual type of shoe you'll be wearing — just try to find your usual footwear style with a metallic hue to add a touch of glamour!