Colour Palette

Revolutionise your shopping experience with a Season Palette – it's the secret to streamlining your shopping routine, making it efficient and cost-effective. You'll find that your shopping decisions become quicker and more focused.  No more wandering aimlessly through stores; instead, you'll instinctively head straight to items you know are likely contenders.

While limiting your choices to a palette of colours may seem restrictive initially, the reality is quite the opposite. The beauty lies in the colour co-ordination – every new purchase seamlessly complements existing pieces in your wardrobe.   Imagine a wardrobe where every piece works together effortlessly. No more fashion faux pas or mismatched ensembles. With your Season Palette, you'll make informed choices, eliminate expensive mistakes, and potentially find yourself buying fewer clothes – but investing in those that truly make you look and feel fantastic. 

Season Palettes of approximately 30 precision-dyed cotton fabric swatches are prepared exclusively by Colour & Style to showcase the hues that enhance your unique colouring.  Unlike traditional card swatches that may fade over time, these fabric swatches resist fading, ensuring a lasting investment.  Designed for convenience, the compact wallet, measuring 3.5" x 7.5" when closed, unfolds into a captivating 7.5" x 16" display. Explore the world of colours and discover valuable insights on wardrobe planning, accessories, hair colouring, fragrance, jewellery and hosiery shades.  Each section is enclosed in strong transparent compartments, preserving the integrity of fabric swatches and printed information. Embrace true colour representation and avoid the limitations of coloured card swatches.

Mislaid your palette?No problem, replacement palettes available to purchase upon request: CONTACT