How to Wear Red

Nothing brightens up your face and makes you come more alive than wearing red close to your face but be careful to consider the correct shade of red you choose.  No matter what your skin tone, there’s a perfect shade of red just for you!  

RED is colour which creates a powerful impact. When you wear red, people will notice you. Red is also a very 

versatile colour and easy to combine with many other colours especially black, white, blue, camel.

If red is normally not your colour, or you’re afraid to stand out, then opt for a red accessory. It often really brightens up your outfit and adds extra interest.

Red is a colour that works well with most skin tones although a colour analysis will reveal the very best shade for you!   See details HERE 

Blue-red is best for cool skin tones and orange-red for warm skin tones.

Red is very intense and is the prime of all the primary colours. For many people, it’s the colour of romance and passionate love.  Let’s take Valentine’s Day, for instance, when love between couples is celebrated and red is present everywhere!  Perhaps you already know that red roses mean, “I love you.” 


Red can also make you look rich and glamorous.  In Tudor England, social status and wealth was defined by dress, and red was one of the colours most rigidly controlled. Men below the rank of Knight of the Garter were not allowed to wear crimson velvet in their clothing.  Red was the most expensive of dyes, and velvet was the priciest of cloths. Paintings of Henry VIII portray the King wearing his robes, which were made of red velvet, asserting his authority, wealth and power.


Red can also signify determination, strength, and energy because it’s a strong colour. It’s also linked to sensuality and lust. This is why wearing a sultry red dress can be considered a bold and daring move.    However, it’s your individual colouring that will determine which shades of red suit you best and there’s certainly a red for everyone.  How much of it you can wear will depend on your personality and other characteristics in your colouring. Red can also brighten up your work wardrobe nicely when you team it with neutrals such as grey, navy or black.  Wear red for days when you want to exude your feminine power, glamour, and beauty.


Red is also a great way to get noticed, for example when you’re wearing a red dress, or a red lipstick – it can be very sensual.

How to find the perfect red dress

Ideally, when you first start browsing you need to look at both the shade and 

the style.  For red to look fabulous on you, ensure you choose a shade which flatters your skin tone. So, if you have cool, pinkish undertones to your skin choose a blue-based red; if you have warmer skin tones then go for orange-based reds. 

In terms of style, consider the cut and the length and the sleeves. Ask yourself, honestly, what length is most flattering on you? Can you really wear a strapless style, or do you need sleeves? Fabric is very important too so opt for interesting textures. Velvet can be quite stiff, for example, so think about whether it fits nicely on your body shape or if it makes you look ‘restricted’.  Also consider volume and whether the dress has draping or detail which will sit on your curvier parts adding unwanted bulk. If you look in the mirror and you feel unsure, then it’s probably not right.   Don’t rush when shopping, take your time to browse around and find something that makes you look and feel good.  

The red dress is the ultimate in va-va-voom, so don’t be shy ladies, find your perfect little red dress and enjoy that Marilyn Monroe moment knowing that you look gorgeous and all eyes will most definitely be on you, for all the right reasons.