Winter Palette

Winter ladies dazzle in cool colours with sharp contrast. Dramatic black and true white can be worn extremely well. True, primary colours, royal shades, and ice colours will always look good. Avoid golden browns, orange, gold and dusty pastels. When choosing items for your wardrobe, use very cool, dramatic colours. The Winter palette is cool-toned, which means every colour has a blue undertone. Your pinks are fuchsia and raspberry, your greens are deepest blued-emerald and even your yellows are barely yellow at all - almost an icey lemon with no warmth whatsoever.

The simplest way to start with your Winter palette is to think 'dark neutral, light neutral, bright accent.' Three colours at a time is where your palette really works its magic, and contrast (between light and dark and neutral and bright) is your new best friend, so starting in a really simple way with, say, navy, bright white and a splash of deep red in a scarf or camisole is a really easy starting place which can be as classic or daring as you choose to make it, based on your own personal style. Also try pairing two brights with one neutral for slightly more impact. Opt for silver grey with cobalt blue, or navy with raspberry and scarlet accents for a look that embraces a bit more colour .

Don't be afraid of wearing your brightest colours top to toe - just don't wear too many of them at once. A bold bright red party dress can really bring out your sparkle, or electric blue shorts with a Chinese blue top for a tropics-inspired beach look. The important thing to remember is that whether your look is classic, sporty, girly, outdoorsy or romantic, you can achieve any look you want to, whatever your palette. Beginning with a print rather than big blocks of colour can be a less intimidating way of wearing your colours. But what if you're looking at a print and some of the colours aren't in your palette? As a rule of thumb, as long as at least half of the print is within your palette, it will be ok, but might not be an absolute wow - if the style is perfect, and you love it though, half is plenty. Once you get over two thirds of the print falling within your palette, no one will even notice the 'wrong' colours, as the whole look will tie together. As a Winter, it will look best if you try to avoid the most jarring colours for your palette in prints - peachy pinks, soft blues and sludge greens can all look a bit dull and dreary on you and detract from a pulled together look, whereas a splash of a grey that's a fraction warm or a pink that falls onto the soft side isn't going to detract from a great print.

Of course, you will always feel confident with Kettlewell’s* prints, all of which have been carefully selected to fit entirely with your palette. Accessories are your friend. They can add another layer of texture and colour, which bring that lovely glow to your skin tone. Statement necklaces and scarves (see Shop Online for a range of scarves carefully selected for your season type) can be a great way of incorporating your wow colours into your outfit near your face. Once you've got your confidence you can upgrade to a bolder coloured scarf and from there the world is your oyster.

Once you've got over the excitement at getting to 'keep' black, there can sometimes be a bit of an anti-climax as a Winter, as often it's the rut of wearing endless black and grey that's brought you to a colour analysis, and now it turns out that it's either that or full on fuchsia. With a little thought, however, you can retain all the sophistication of black without feeling dreary. Opt for silver or steel greys and pair them with crisp white and silver jewellery for an effortlessly elegant look that will flatter and brighten your skin tone. Make sure everything fits beautifully, and (especially if your outfit is based entirely on neutrals). Finish off with accessories in silver, and don't forget that diamonds (of course) and white/grey pearls will always work too. If you want to keep your outfit 100% neutral, don't underestimate the power of adding a bright lipstick or nail polish to add a splash of colour without sacrificing your elegant look.

It’s important not to get so fixated on the colour of a garment that you forget to look beyond that. Does it fit well? Does it reflect your personal style? Don’t compromise these things in your excitement at finally finding something in the perfect shade you’ve been hunting for. The aim of colour analysis is to add the power of colour into your own unique personal style, not turn you into a colour clone.

If you want your face to look good, your eyes to sparkle and your skin to glow, then by all means worry only about your t-shirts, scarves, jumpers, dresses, jackets… But if you want to maximise the other amazing benefit of colour analysis – that of a wardrobe where everything goes, and makes you look effortlessly put together without trying – you’ll need to make the leap and start to move your entire wardrobe over to one that sits fully within your palette. If that sounds a little daunting, just think how wonderful it would be to pull out a top and a bottom and know that they will look great together, or to be able to mix and match your clothes for a completely new look without having to face that ‘ugh’ moment when that electric blue top looks unflattering next to brown trousers. Just gradually replace clothes with better colours as they wear out.

1 Note your neutrals (see swatches marked 'N' in your palette) – start to switch your basic item over to these colours

2 Add a splash – however you do it, get into the habit of adding a splash of colour to your outfit (marked 'B' in your palette)

3 Don’t fear lipstick! A pretty plummy pink will add a little brightness and polish (see Shop Online for appropriate cosmetic shades for your season type)

4 Prints – experiment with prints if single blocks of colour feel too much

5 Don’t lose your style – use colour to enhance your personal style, not diminish it

(Extracts taken from Kettlewell Colours)

*Can’t find anything in your colour? Visit a wide range of gorgeous clothing in colours across the whole spectrum to ensure that there is something to suit every season lady! What a brilliant idea…. a small symbol is written next to each garment to help you select colours from your seasonal category i.e. Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn. to see the full range.