Holiday Wardrobe

What to pack for a holiday?

How to Pack a Sunhat in the base of your suitcase!

1. Place beach towel (if required) on the base of the suitcase. Fill crown tightly with small items, such as underwear (use a toilet roll if self-catering!). 

2. Place hat down in the centre on the base of an empty suitcase.

3. Pack in remaining items of clothing around the hat to securely hold its shape. 4.Continue packing until garments are level with top of hat

5. Now place the larger items of clothing as the top layer.

Hat is now held securely in place with the crown and brim fully protected!

Accessorise a straw hat by using a thin scarf to co-ordinate with your beachwear/sundress: Wrap an oblong, bias, or square scarf folded into an oblong, around the brim of a hat. Tie a square knot at the back.

SARONGS (available to purchase HERE ) are extremely versatile and provide a sophisticated cover-up at the pool or on the beach.  They can be worn over a swimsuit or simply as a skirt or dress.  If you're visiting hot climates don't forget to pack a few sarongs - you'll never regret this!  A sarong must be the single most adaptable part of your holiday kit ever invented.  Not only is it very useful, this takes up virtually no packing space. 

Use this simple guide for lightweight packing for a one-week holiday in a beach location


1 pair of flip flops (neutral colour)

1 pair of sandals/mules in metallic leather (i.e. gold/copper/bronze for Autumn & Spring ladies.  Silver/pewter/gunmetal for Summer & Winter ladies – this neutral option will go with everything you wear)


1 casual/smart jacket for travelling

1 cardigan (could be a shrug)

2 T-shirts

3 summer tops


1 cropped trousers

1 soft fabric trousers (for travelling)

1 shorts

1 cotton skirt


2 for evening

1 sundress


Multi-way bras are a good item to take away – easily converted to strapless bras when worn with suntops/dresses.


1 sun hat (scroll down for details how to pack a sun hat)

(golden straw for Autumn/Spring ladies; cool straw for Summer/Winter ladies)

Now you know how many items to take, you just need to decide which pieces!  The best way to do this is to take your favourite two or three tops, bottoms, etc., lay them out on your bed and pick the ones that are most easily interchangeable taking note of colours, patterns and lengths.

Draw a simple chart to plan what to wear each day – this way you will certainly minimize your packing.  

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