YOUR True Colours  & YOUR Personal Brand 

The colours you wear can be a great way to bring your brand to life!

If your business is service-based, then your customers are buying you, not your brand or a product.   People buy from people, so it’s important to show them who they'll be dealing with. We’re naturally curious, and who doesn’t want to know who they’re dealing with before doing business? If you’ve gone to the expense of a website and built a good business, it would seem a shame not to have professional images taken which reflect how seriously you take your business. 

Personal image affects not only how others perceive you, but how you perceive yourself.  When you look good, you feel more confident, you value yourself more and enjoy reinforcement from others.  A better image leads to improved self-esteem; gives more confidence; encourages personal performance; earns more recognition which returns to boost your self-esteem. 

Consider your branding bundle... What does your brand colour say about your business?  Which colour will project the right message? Which colour sets the appropriate tone?  Get your headshot noticed by casting in the RIGHT colour BEFORE your professional photo shoot. 

Headshots in your most flattering colours are so much more powerful!

Jayne Hall of Holistic Harmony

…”As a holistic therapist my room was green, my logo and all my leaflets were green- but my uniform was black and pink!! There was no association - now I look fabulous in a teal green colour which matches my business perfectly…”

Duane Gilbert of Doctor Electrical Ltd opted for a Colour & Style consultation to help him choose clothes to suit his body shape and colours for personal branding.  As a WINTER-type he realised that wearing a sludgy green wasn't very flattering, but now he's creating more impact by wearing a strong cobalt blue and shades from his palette.  Rebranding photos produced by Howard Rushfirth.

Wearing the RIGHT colour is vitally important for a man to express his personality/personal brand in both casual and formal clothing. By wearing RIGHT colours men can enhance their appearance, project confidence and create impact.

Duane's feedback: ..."pleasantly surprised with how easy the process was and the volume of information provided.  I could not be happier with the service received..."

Clare & Andy Ward of New Healthy Body in Sheffield opted for a Colour & Style consultation which covers all aspects of personal image including colours and styles of clothing to suit body shape and individual proportions; together with advice for personal branding.

Clare Ward has a long, oval face and was advised to avoid a long, straight centre parting hairstyle.  Within days of her consultation she changed this to a flattering side swept fringe, partly over the forehead, which reduces the appearance of a long face. She also followed the advice for a subtle change in hair shade which has also made such a difference. Following their colour analysis both Andy & Clare realised that orange was a very unflattering shade. Fortunately, they are both SUMMER-types so they really look good in cornflower blue!  Now their new branding photos produced by Howard Rushfirth & Kathryn Rusthfirth are so much more flattering and create a very powerful impact.

Feedback from Andy & Clare Ward: ..."What an amazing consultation with Sue! Relaxed and super Informative covering all the aspects of what coulours suit and what does not. It's clear Sue is super knowlegable and very experienced with an eye for detail. Loved the afternoon and left feeling confident in my ability to shop using the detailed analysis chart that Sue gave me. We've been raving to all our friends and our daughters about the consultaion. Looking forwards to working with Sue in the future for our daughters wedding consultantion"...

"a great afternoon with Sue. It was astonishing to realise just how much we can get it wrong. Sue is an absolute expert in her field and gave us both so much advice and helpful tips. We will both feel more confident when going shopping, knowing what suits us. Would highly recommend!"...

Rachel Gilbert of PAT Testing Nottingham Ltd. a generally mal

Rachel’s branding colour has not only made her organisation stand out from its competition, but more importantly it has redefined what it is to be a female-led business working in a technical service sector. 

Sally Arbouin realised she needed to update her business profile picture to incorporate some beautiful pieces available from her jewellery business.  Take a look at the Before & After pictures! Sally looks SO BEAUTIFUL and her profile picture is certainly receiving lots of attention – perfect way to draw attention to her business! 

Feedback from Sally Arbouin: ..."Thank you so much for such a wonderful afternoon introducing me to my perfect colours, Sue. I was delighted to learn that I am a Summer lady and thoroughly enjoyed the consultationand experience. You took time to explain and demonstrate how to use my Summer palette and not only has this helped me choose my outfits more carefully but has made a huge difference to how I feel and to dress with more confidence knowing I'm wearing the most complimentary colours. Changing my profile picture with an updated look and accessorising with my silver jewellery has certainly caught many people's attention and brought more awareness to my relatively new business..."

Stylish way to wear your brand colours… 

Exclusive to Colour & Style... a custom-made hand-painted silk scarf in a choice of colours to represent your personal brand.  ‘DEW’ Collection is a range of bespoke 100% silk scarves and each one is totally UNIQUE!  Individually hand-painted in YOUR colours and beautifully finished with a hand-rolled edge.  

Just look at these gorgeous shades from my personal palette which also represent my own brand colours.  This gorgeous silk scarf will, of course, co-ordinate with all the outfits I wear! 💕 💙 💜  CONTACT for more details



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Whilst a personalised consultation would always be the best option,  VIRTUAL ONLINE CONSULTATIONS  are a suitable alternative. This is ideal for clients living further afield and even around the globe!  So, if you are unable to attend a Studio Consultation why not step into the studio without leaving your own home! 

See also Power of Colour TALK presentation which can be delivered to business networks