Wardrobe Weeding 

& Personal Shopping

Wardrobing Weeding 

Contents of your wardrobe are sorted to identify the good, bad and ugly!  You are then given ideas about how to mix and match; and organisation of your clothes in a way that makes co-ordinating outfits much easier. Each item in the wardrobe is assessed to determine suitability based on colour, style, flexibility and how dated the item is.  A plan of action is then prepared which is based on budget and your needs.  By the end of the session your wardrobe will be more streamlined and organised. You'll certainly have a much clearer idea of the gaps you have in your wardrobe - this will obviously form the basis for your next shopping trip.    

Online Personal Shopping 

If you feel you would like additional help with clothes shopping, Online Personal Shopping will help you to select the most appropriate items for your physical characteristics, taste, lifestyle and budget.  Receive honest, unbiased advice and direction on the best items to purchase from recommended online shopping sites. Many retailers with discounts exclusive to Colour & Style clients!  

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