Colour Co-ordinated Cosmetics for your Season Type

PERSONALISED COSMETIC PRESCRIPTION indicating a set of suitable shades for your individual season type can be provided during your consultation.

Cosmetics are part of your total look - be sure to complement your wardrobe with appropriate colours for your particular season.

Once your know your season category, selecting cosmetics is so much easier - you don't need lots of lipsticks and eye shadows to go with your outfits, just a limited selection of colour co-ordinated cosmetics will harmonise beautifully with ALL the garments you wear.

A selection of cosmetics in shades perfect for your individual seasonal type. Blushers and eye colours can be purchased to create your own personalised refillable cosmetic compacts. Items are held in a very stylish cosmetic compact. What a brilliant idea... you only need to replace individual items as and when it's necessary. A very sensible and cost-effective idea. Now you can stand out from the throw-away society! A range of colour co-ordinated cosmetics will be available to purchase during your consultation if required and also at any time in the future via the efficient Shop Online

See the ONLINE SHOP for details of cosmetic shades perfect for your individual seasonal type.