Colour Palette

Clients are provided with a personalised season palette, prepared exclusively by Colour & Style, containing approximately 30 different swatches of fabric illustrating the shades that are most flattering for individual colouring. Season palettes incorporate actual FABRIC swatches using precision dyed cotton which will resist fading. Beware of coloured card swatches which cannot show the true subtlety of the colours and are prone to fading over a period of time.

The compact wallet measures approx. 3.5" x 7.5" when closed.  When fully opened (measuring approx. 7.5" x 16"), it attractively displays the fabric swatches together with information on wardrobe planning, accessories, hair colouring, fragrance, hosiery shades, etc. Each section is displayed within strong transparent compartments to prevent damage to the fabric swatches and printed information.

Your season palette is an excellent guide when shopping – a perfect base for selecting clothes, accessories and cosmetics.  It speeds up your shopping routine because you will soon learn to head straight for clothes you know are likely contenders.  The whole process quickly becomes highly cost-effective.

At first glance, sticking to a specific palette of 30 colours may appear to give less choice, but in reality there is so much more, because the clothes purchased will always co-ordinate with existing items in your wardrobe.  You will no longer throw away hard-earned cash on clothes you rarely wear, and in future everything new you buy will complement something you already own.  Instead of a depressing array of one-off’s that clash with each other, you will soon have a truly integrated wardrobe of clothes and accessories and will be able to create the maximum number of outfits from a minimum amount of garments.  You will no longer make expensive mistakes, you may even end up buying fewer clothes, and spending more on those you know are going to look good.

Mislaid your palette? 

No problem, replacement palettes are available to purchase Shop Online