Branding Bundle

Power of Colour

If your business is service-based, then your customers are buying you, not your brand or a product. People buy from people, so it’s important to show them who they'll be dealing with. We’re naturally curious, and who doesn’t want to know who they’re dealing with before doing business? If you’ve gone to the expense of a website and built a good business, it would seem a shame not to have professional images taken which reflect how seriously you take your business.

Personal image affects not only how others perceive you, but how you perceive yourself. When you look good, you feel more confident, you value yourself more and enjoy reinforcement from others. A better image leads to improved self-esteem; gives more confidence; encourages personal performance; earns more recognition which returns to boost your self-esteem.

Consider your branding bundle...

What does your brand colour say about your business? Which colour will project the right message?

Which colour sets the appropriate tone?

Get your headshot noticed by casting in the RIGHT colour BEFORE your professional photo shoot.

Headshots in your most flattering colours are so much more powerful!

A perfect example of striking images:

Three WINTER businesswomen, wearing a shade from their WINTER palette,

photographed by three talented photographers:

Ellie LaCrosse of Maison Frais photographed by Tanya Lloyd Photography www.

Anesha Baxter of Anesha's Art of Cakes photographed by Robyn Wilson

Alison Spencer photographed by Collette Evans of Picture Perfect

Also proud to have supplied both Ellie and Anesha with elegant scarves too which add a touch of class!…/queen-of-fabrics)

Help is at hand for casting in your most flattering colour for that important headshot