Sarongs are extremely versatile and provide a sophisticated cover-up at the pool or on the beach. They can be worn over a swimsuit or simply as a skirt or dress. If you're visiting hot climates don't forget to pack a few sarongs - you'll never regret it! A sarong must be the single most adaptable partof your hoiday kit ever invented. Not only is it very useful, it takes up virtually no packing space.

"Queen of Fabrics" an extraordinary NEW fabric which looks & feels like SILK Yet it’s washable and crease-resistant! Elegant, floaty, sheer fabric , sheer semi-transparent fabric 175cm x 100cm Beautiful sheer fabric which is perfect for a sarong or scarf

Purchase online and receive a scarf or sarong tying guide to help you look super-stylish! Visit the online Colour Shop for lots more sarongs/scarves in a variety of different textues, patterns, colours, etc. all grouped according to season category to help you select your most flattering colours.

How to Secure a Sarong

A natural bit of bling from the ocean, mother-of-pearl shell it shines with a pearlescent glow and adds a bit of sparkle to your sarong tying. Essential for holding a sarong in place - no more slipping and re-tying and no more bulky knots!

A natural product which will harmonise beautifully with your colours. Buckles are handcrafted from mother-of-pearl shell (very smooth and comfortable to wear) available from the online Colour Shop complete with instructions.

Also available handcrafted in coconut shell.

1. Place a sarong around your waist and place both ends of the fabric together through one of the holes in the buckle. Pull fabric tightly and push the buckle securely against your body.

2. Place both ends of the fabric through the remaining hole.

3. Pull the fabric tightly to fit close to your body. This will secure the sarong.