A Beautiful Bridal Party

Be a Beautiful Bridal Party

Summer has finally arrived and this also heralds the start of the wedding season and selecting outfits for the bridal party often seem daunting! Every bride wants everyone to look amazing on her wedding day, but creating the perfect wedding day 'look' takes a lot of careful planning. For a bride, the most important thing is choosing her wedding dress but she must also consider the bridal party as a whole. You wouldn't arrange a vase of flowers with colours that clash and the same goes for your wedding group, not least of all the other very important women at the ceremony - the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. Even the simplest weddings cost a small fortune but the photographs last a lifetime, so it is imperative the bridal party look their very best. Don’t leave this to chance, consider the overall colour theme very carefully.

When dressing the bridal party it’s important to consider colours for everyone’s outfits so that they will suit them as individuals but will also harmonise beautifully with others in the main bridal party. This is no easy achievement – members of the bridal party may all have different hair colour and skin tone, which will mean different colours will suit them. For example, a bridesmaid with blonde hair could look overwhelmed and very pale in a dark dress, she would probably suit a lighter or brighter colour to make the best of her natural colouring. Where as a bridesmaid with dark hair would look great in a darker colour. The secret is finding a universal colour or shade that will look amazing on them all!

It is also a momentous day in a mother and mother-in-law's life and they should be confident about their image on such an important day. You wouldn’t want the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom clashing so badly that they could not pose together on a photograph without looking like a fruit cocktail! It’s advisable that mothers should wait until the wedding dress and the bridesmaid's dresses have been selected. They might then consider co-ordinating with some of the bridal shades as well as choosing a colour that would equally make them look stunning.

As if colour isn’t enough to think about, as we know, ladies shapes and sizes vary considerably and a dress design that looks great on someone with a curvy shape will not flatter a lady who has a straighter body shape. Also different patterns and fabrics will suit different body shapes. Other considerations are height and scale, which affect whether you should dress head to toe in one colour and what size pattern and accessories you should wear.

The biggest mistake people usually make at weddings is to try out a brand new look on the day or opt for an outfit they think looks "wedding suitable" but it is likely to be unflattering. So don’t leave the most important day of your life to chance and take away some of the stress by seeking appropriate advice.

Hats are worn less at weddings nowadays but a simple hair accessory will complete your look and instantly make it feel more ‘wedding’ appropriate. Finish your ensemble with some carefully selected jewellery and a bag or clutch in a complementary colour and you’ll be good to go!