Looking for a speaker for your Organisation or Business Group?

As a Stylist & Image Consultant/Tutor with 30 years experience, Sue has achieved great acclaim through many talks, demonstrations and presentations both face-to-face and virtual.

Virtual Presentations via Zoom - delivered to audiences worldwide

Power of Colour (45 minutes)

Looking good is good business. Do you look as good as you could? If your business is service-based, then your customers are buying you, not your brand or a product. People buy from people, so it’s important to show them who they'll be dealing with.

We’re naturally curious, and who doesn’t want to know who they’re dealing with before doing business? If you’ve gone to the expense of a website and built a good business, it would seem a shame not to have professional images taken which reflect how seriously you take your business. Which colour will project the right message? Which colour sets the appropriate tone?

Looking Good with Colour (45 minutes)

Colourful, entertaining and educational presentation which demonstrates how wearing the right colours, or the wrong colours, can make a huge difference to how good you look as well as how confident you feel. See how easy it can be to create a colour co-ordinated wardrobe of clothes and accessories and how to create the maximum number of outfits to wear from a minimum amount of garments. The presentation is always extremely popular and provides a taster of what to expect during a more in-depth studio or a virtual colour consultation.

Stylish Scarves & Sarongs (45 minutes)

Interactive presentation where ladies can learn how to tie scarves/sarongs in more stylish and interesting combinations.

Following the presentation ladies are provided with a very detailed E-booklet (free of charge) which illustrates many more interesting ways in which to style their scarves and sarongs.

Face-to-Face Presentations & Demonstrations

Looking Good with Colour

Presentation & Practical Demonstration

Entertaining and educational presentation (approx 1 hour) with colourful exhibits, practical demonstrations, and audience participation. This presentation can be delivered to any number of attendees. Professional advice on clothes and accessories perfectly suited to individual colouring. Learn the art of colour co-ordination and how to achieve maximum number of outfits to wear from minimum amount of garments.

Stylish Scarves & Sarongs

Not sure how to style a scarf or sarong?

This presentation (approx 1 hour) is great fun and very interactive as ladies are encouraged to bring along their own scarves/sarongs to learn how to tie in more stylish and interesting combinations. A selection of scarves are also available for ladies to experiment with just incase they don’t bring their own. After the presentation, ladies are provided with a very detailed booklet (free of charge) illustrating many more interesting ways in which to style their scarves and sarongs.