Stylish Accessories

Beautiful range of stylish accessories brought to you from around the world!  To purchase accessories please Tel: Sue 01909 282822 or Email with details of your requirements.
Season Lady Scarf Collection   A scarf is the most versatile fashion accessory in your wardrobe, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to any outfit.  They form a vital part of your wardrobe - they are your means of bringing the right colour to your face while you are phasing the wrong colours out of your wardrobe.   New styles/colours are added to the collection all the time!
ANIMAL PRINT 162 x 64 cm OR 36 x 162 cm Beautiful sheer floaty fabric. (Spring/Autumn ladies) £5
2 x ANIMAL PRINT 162 x 64 cm scarves complete with Mother of Pearl Shell Buckle £15 to make a sarong duo set
SPRING GREEN 162 X 75 cm Beautiful floaty voile (Spring ladies)£5

INDIAN OCEAN 162 X 75 cm Beautiful floaty voile (Summer/Winter/Spring ladies) £5

SUMMER PORCELAIN 62 X 75 cm Beautiful floaty voile (Summer ladies) £5

SUMMER ROSE 162 X 75 cm Beautiful floaty voile (Summer ladies) £5

COOL BLUE 160 x 70 cm Beautiful floaty chiffon (Summer/Winter ladies) £5

FRESH GREEN 160 x 70 cm Beautiful floaty chiffon (Spring ladies) £5

PEACH BLUSH 160 x 70 cm Beautiful floaty chiffon (Spring ladies) £5

Mother of Pearl Shell Sarong Buckle £5 including free sarong guide
Handcrafted in Indonesia from Mother-of-Pearl Shell - this attractive buckle can turn a beach sarong into a very stylish garment. Essential for holding a sarong in place - no more slipping and re-tying and no more bulky knots!  Also suitable for securing a scarf

Handbag Crown £10
Perfect way to take good care of your handbag … stylish accessory to hang your handbag nearby when out and about in cafes/restaurants. Foldable metal handbag hanger will easily support your handbag. Ensure your handbag is always by your side and off dirty floors. Pack your foldable hanger inside your bag and simply hook your bag to the hanger, place the crown on the edge of the table. Your handbag is safely secured. The handbag crown will hold up to 6 kg.   

Scarf Tidy £5
Use a scarf tidy rack to display your scarves and hang inside your wardrobe – this way you are more likely to consider your scarves as potential “outfit-makers”. When scarves are stored in drawers they will often become forgotten accessories. £5 Ideal for storing & organising ties, scarves & belts. Featuring a black flocked finish to prevent items slipping. Hangs neatly inside a wardrobe. Each hanger has 10 arms and one wider loop for larger scarves or wide belts. Dimensions Approx: Overall : Length (Top To Bottom) 285mm x Width 165mm. Each Arm Width : 77mm.Loop Bottom Inner Width : 142mm