SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER available for  Group Consultations: LOOKING GOOD Colour Event for a group of ladies
Personalised Consultation - individual one-to-one session

Joint Consultations - Experiences are so much better shared, so why not join with a friend/colleague and enjoy a joint consultation!  

Personalised Season Palette included in all consultations Personal Colour Palette

Discounts available for combining both Colour & Style Consultations 

Professional Colour Analysis 
 Personalised Consultation  Approx. 2 hrs £70


Joint Consultation (4 ladies maximum)

Approx. 3 hrs

£65 each

                                             Special Mother & Daughter (under 16 years of age) Joint Consultation £115

Personal Dress Sense & Style Analysis 

Give yourself a little more style!   

 Personalised Style Directory will be individually compiled Personalised Consultation Approx. 1 hr   £70

Joint Consultation (4 ladies maximum)

Approx. 1.5 hours  £65 each


Colour Analysis  & 

Personal Dress Sense & Style Analysis

Discounted price for combining two consultations 
Personalised Consultation Approx. 2 to 3 hrs £130


Joint Consultation (4 ladies maximum)

at least 3.5 hours

£120 each


Colour for Men 
Personalised Consultation Approx. 1 hr £50 

Joint Consultation (2 gentlemen)

at least 1.5 hours

£45 each

Colour & Style for Men

(Season wallet and personalised ‘Wardrobe Guidance’ booklet included)  
Personalised Consultation Approx. 1.5 hrs  £85


Joint Consultation (4 gentlemen maximum)

at least 1.5 hours

£80 each


Colour Analysis for Couples

Become a colour co-ordinated couple!  Colour Analysis for a lady and gentleman

£110 per couple  3 hours approx.


Colour Analysis & Style Analysis for Couples 

Become a colour co-ordinated & stylish couple!  Colour Analysis and Style Analysis for a lady and gentleman  

£200 per couple  4 hours approx.

Gift Vouchers can also be purchased for the full price of any consultation  OR  
Cash Value Gift Voucher to cover part-payment towards the cost of any consultation (click Gift Vouchers for more details)